Knoxville Writers Guild Hosts Flash Fiction Contest | Community

The Knoxville Writers Guild is sponsoring a 1000-word or less cheerful flash fiction contest, which will be judged by acclaimed author and Creative Writing Program Director Michael Knight. The first prize is $ 300 and the second prize is $ 100. The first entry is free for members and $ 15 for non-members. The deadline for submission is midnight January 5; for more details see

Judge Michael Knight is the author of three novels (“Divining Rod”, “The Typist” and “At Briarwood School for Girls”), three short stories (“Dogfight and Other Stories”, “Goodnight, Nobody” and ” Eveningland “) and a short story book (” The Holiday Season “). “The Typist” (2010) was named best book of the year by several publications, including The Huffington Post and Kansas City Star, and included on Oprah’s summer reading list. He teaches creative writing at the University of Tennessee.

The competition is sponsored by the Jonathan Taylor Memorial Fund, created by his colleagues at Education Networks of America.

The Knoxville Writers Guild is a non-profit organization that has been helping writers improve and market their writing skills for over 25 years.