Marvel’s 10 Most Influential Modern Writers

Marvel is the current comic book sales leader and one of the biggest names in pop culture, thanks to the MCU. None of this would be possible without the comics, however, and Marvel has done a great job of producing characters and stories that have stood the test of time. Marvel’s creators are some of the finest to ever work in comics, their writers crafting tales that have captured the imagination for decades.

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Over the past forty years, generally considered the modern era of comics, some of Marvel’s writers have been more important than others. Their work has influenced the Marvel Universe in multiple ways, creating something incredible.

ten Roger Stern created some of the greatest Avengers stories of all time

Roger Stern

Roger Stern was a Marvel workaholic in the 80s, working on many books, but the biggest was Avengers. Stern’s Race avengers was a classic and produced fan-favorite stories like “Under Siege.” Stern faced tough competition in the ’80s, as the rise of the X-Men eclipsed just about everything Marvel produced.

Stern made the second Baron Zemo, Helmut, a credible threat and brought the Masters of Evil back into the limelight. His work would help cement the Avengers’ place in the Marvel Universe during a time of flux, and nearly every Avengers writer after him found inspiration in his work.

9 Ed Brubaker’s Captain America Run Redefined the 21st Century Hero

Ed Brubaker has been gone from Marvel for years, but his work there remains massively influential. He walked on Captain America and revitalized the Star-Spangled Avenger alongside artists Steve Epting and Mike Perkins. Blending spy stories and superheroes with aplomb, Brubaker’s run reintroduced Bucky Barnes to the Marvel Universe.

The creation of The Winter Soldier began a renaissance for Cap that made his book a must-read for the first time in years. Brubaker also made runs on daredevil and strange x-men, as well, and eventually led a winter soldier series. Captain America in the 21st century would be very different without Brubaker.

8 Mark Millar helped set Marvel’s course in the 2000s

Cropped Millar mark

Mark Millar came to Marvel after his success on Authority. launch Ultimate X-Men and The Ultimates for the Ultimate line, he helped propel Marvel sales into the stratosphere. He shot in fan-favorite races on Wolverine and Spider Man, work as one of the masterminds who helped guide Marvel, before writing Civil war.

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Civil war changed the course of the Marvel Universe for years to come. Millar was at the height of his powers and put a creator-owned imprint on it at Marvel. Before leaving the publisher, he worked on The Fantastic Four and “Old Man Logan,” creating the Wasteland, Marvel’s current dystopian future.

seven Grant Morrison’s time at Marvel was massively influential in a variety of ways

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison is one of the greatest comic book writers out there, so fans were thrilled when they came to Marvel. Their New X-Men run was nothing short of groundbreaking, making the X-Men feel like they were in the future for the very first time. Their gonzo imagination was perfect for the team, but their time at the publisher was cut short by fights with Marvel editorial.

Morrison’s influence on Marvel was two-fold. In a fit of anger, the publisher spent years meticulously dismantling everything he had done, which would only last until writers who were fans of Morrison’s work came on board and brought back the concepts and characters created by Morrison. The current X-Men books owe everything to Morrison’s work.

6 Jason Aaron Has Been One Of Marvel’s Leading Writers For Years

Cropped Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron did something no one thought possible; it made Jane Foster a fan favorite. Aaron made a name for himself at Marvel working on Punisher and Wolverine before moving on to the X-Men books with the event book Schism. From there he launched Wolverine and the X-Men and The Incredible X-Men, before operating strange doctor and particularly The Mighty Thor makes him a superstar.

Relaunch avengers in 2018, Aaron rose to the top at Marvel. For more than a decade, he charted the journeys of some of Marvel’s greatest characters and brought Thor back to big trouble in a way the character hadn’t been in years.

5 Kurt Busiek helped make the Avengers even better

Cropped Kurt Busiek

The 90s were a bad time for the Avengers. The X-Men were completely ascendant, and the Avengers felt old-fashioned and stuffy. Entrust them to Rob Liefeld during heroes reborn didn’t really help, but that’s where Kurt Busiek came in. Make a name for yourself Love at first sight and Untold Spider-Man Stories, Busiek was joined by artist George Perez to relaunch Avengers.

Busiek and Perez have created some incredible Avengers stories that are essential for any fan of the team. Busiek’s time on avengers made fans realize how great the team could be for the first time in years, and its run is one of the best in Avengers history.

4 Dan Slott sets Spider-Man’s journey for a decade

Dan Slott

Dan Slott had worked for Marvel for years before She-Hulk And two Avengers of the Great Lakes the miniseries brought him to the attention of fans. He had become part of the Spider-Man brain trust that took over The Amazing Spider-Man after “One More Day” and eventually became sole author of the book. He was in charge of Marvel’s most popular character for a decade.

His run included fan-favorite stories like “Spider-Verse”, “Spider-Island” and The Superior Spider-Man. Slott’s time on the book has done a lot for Spider-Man, though fan opinion may be mixed. Since then he has been working on Tony Stark: Iron Man and The Fantastic Four, cementing his place as one of Marvel’s greatest writers.

3 Jonathan Hickman had iconic runs on Marvel’s three biggest teams

Jonathan Hickman has risen through the ranks on books like The Ultimate, Secret Warriors, and SHIELD before a race The Fantastic Four made him a star. He would go from there to avengers and New Avengers Publish-Avengers Vs. X-Men chart the team’s journey to their Marvel Multiverse redefining book Secret Wars.

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He would leave Marvel for a few years but return in 2019, taking over the X-Men line as the leader of X and dropping the punch of House of X/Powers of X, changing the X-Men line forever. Hickman’s time on the X-Men is over, but he’s a kingmaker at Marvel, having done the greatest job ever that redefined Marvel’s three greatest teams in a decade.

2 Brian Michael Bendis was basically Marvel’s head writer most of the time he was there

Ultimate Spider-Man Jessica Jones Briand Michael Bendis

Brian Michael Bendis changed Marvel forever. Debut on daredevil and Ultimate Spiderman, he became one of the publisher’s most beloved writers before moving on to avengers and restart it as New Avengers. His run with the Avengers would become a fan favorite and propel him to the forefront of the Marvel Universe.

He wrote most of the major events for the editor and ultimately helped revive the post-X-Men line.Avengers Vs. X-Men with All-New X-Men and Weird X-Men. He spent years as an editor at Marvel before moving to DC.

1 Chris Claremont Turned The X-Men Into The Comics Industry’s Greatest Characters

Chris Claremont was on Weird X-Men for seventeen years, the longest tenure a Marvel writer has devoted to a title. His time on the book coincided with the X-Men becoming the biggest characters in the comics industry, with Weird X-Men toppling the traditional titans of Marvel and DC to become the best-selling book of the moment.

Claremont didn’t create the concept of the X-Men, but he created everything that modern fans love about them. His ideas have been recycled a million times, and the characters he created are still some of the most important and popular X-Men characters. He wrote the best-selling comic book of all time, X-Men #1, a record that no one came close to touching.

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