10 screenwriters Pixar should collaborate with

Bringing in outside collaborators has only ever made Pixar work better. With that in mind, IndieWire picked ten bold writers the animation house would be wise to hire to craft its next storyline.

toy story 4


While the “Toy Story 4” credits are filled with the usual Pixar Brain Trust suspects, there was also a new face on the list. Stephany Folsom was best known for writing an unproduced screenplay about Stanley Kubrick faking the moon landing when Pixar hired her to co-write the screenplay with Andrew Stanton. And the experiment was clearly a success, with the franchise’s fourth entry receiving near-universal praise.

This isn’t the first time Pixar has collaborated with an exciting writer outside of its organization for a high-profile feature. Michael Arndt followed up his “Little Miss Sunshine” Oscar win by penning “Toy Story 3.” And Rashida Jones worked on an early version of “Toy Story 4.” While the studio has a great team in place to execute its unorthodox story process, bringing in outside collaborators can clearly make their movies even better. With that in mind, we’ve lined up ten bold writers that Pixar would be wise to hire to polish its next script.

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