Books writers are reading in 2022

My third grade teacher once said that the best writers are avid readers. Whether it’s true or not or just a ploy to get kids excited about books, I credit my fascination with what other people read to it. Similar to asking your fashionable friend where they got their boots, knowing what book is on a writer’s bedside table is a little insight into how well they do their job.

For writers, books aren’t just entertainment (although they are entertaining!). Books are a source of inspiration. Direction. And sometimes, friendly competition. Every joke that makes us laugh or every monologue that makes us cry is like a little golden star saying, “You chose to read over Netflix” and “Your words can do that too.”

Of course, just because we love to read and write doesn’t mean we always have the time or the discipline to do so. Along with drinking less and moving more, making time to read every day is a common New Year’s resolution for writers — at least, that’s among writers I know.

As 2022 approached, I asked the writers around me what they were reading, or rather, what made them to want for more this year. From queer sci-fi to interview collections, here’s what writers are reading in 2022.

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