The Gathering Fanfic Writers to Watch

The world of Magic: The Gathering is as vast and diverse as the real world, if not more so because of all the different races, mystical lands, and fantastical elements that make this franchise so appealing to so many people. There’s something for everyone in MTG, whether you’re looking to play the game and build decks using the best Magic: The Gathering cards, or are just interested in reading and learning lore and stories. surrounding the MTG universe. It’s one of the main draws of Magic: The Gathering, the lore and stories surrounding the universe that bring every character and location depicted to life through the cards themselves.


Stroy’s build in MTG is extremely important. Whether you play the game itself or not, everyone loves a good story they can sink their teeth into. The official stories and lore produced by Wizards of the Coast can be incredibly long and extensive, and if they were all to be written in one volume, it would take up a lot of space. In the world of Magic, there are so many planes (essentially different dimensions) and worlds within each plane, each of these planes is populated by a multitude of races and factions, each with their own rather unique stories and history. and interesting. The story of Magic: The Gathering Universe really begins at the beginning of creation, with the appearance of the first dragons, the Elder Dragons, like Nicol, Bolas and Ugin. In total, the story spans something in the region of 30,000 years.

However, despite its breadth, the MTG lore sometimes glosses over, or only briefly mentions, things that fans are hugely interested in and want to know more about. In these cases, fans take the writing of the lore into their own hands and begin to create their own stories to fill the world of Magic. Here are some of the best Magic: The Gathering fanfic writers to follow.



Known for creating one of the biggest pieces of fanfic for Magic: The Gathering, The War of the Wheel, RavenoftheBlack is an incredible writer. The War of the Wheel is an entire novel in its own right and adds a huge amount of story and depth to the characters in MTG. Although it is not officially part of the lore or recognized by any canon, many fans recognize it as a very important story to read. With 39 chapters in total, RavenoftheBlack really went above and beyond to produce this work. They have produced some other amazing content for you to enjoy as well, and they are definitely worth checking out and reading.



Another legendary fanfic writer for mtg, OrcishLibrarians’ biggest and best-known work is a story called Reclamation, another piece that’s part of the unofficial Magic: Expanded Multiverse fans want to see recognized as doing part of the official tradition. This is a story written as part of a series created solely by OrcishLibrarian, but reading the other parts is not strictly necessary to read this work, as each piece can stand on its own. If you are a MTG fan, don’t miss these stories.



With 13 works written for the Magic: The Gathering fanfic fandom, Bace_Jeleren is known for producing solid work and creating some very interesting stories. Although he doesn’t write for Magic: the Extended Multiverse, Bace_Jeleren produces some pretty intense and exciting works from his own imagination. Not being part of the Extended Multiverse project allows them to create completely non-canon stories without impacting anything else, as their work is completely self-contained, and therefore independent.

Why You Should Read Magic: The Gathering Fanfic


Although reading fanfics may not seem very appealing, most writers try to write in canon and stick to what the characters would really do in their universe. It can be incredibly exciting to read, just like any short story or full-length novel. Besides being interesting stories, fanfics also help bring more life and character to the game itself, allowing players to understand the stories behind every card in their deck. Even though these are the best Magic: The Gathering cards in terms of stats and abilities, having a good backstory and storyline can add a lot of depth to your playing experience.