The world’s first stationery for screenwriters

India, November 24, 2022: AJASTOS announced today that the company has created better screenwriting experiences with innovative cutting-edge digital pen technology for screenwriters.

It combined industry standard formatting practices and digital smart pen and paper and gave birth to breakthrough technology that empowers screenwriters. Write on specialist screenwriter’s stationery that converts handwritten text into a standard screenplay format in a digital file exportable to all major screenwriting software.

The world’s first tech stationery with all screenwriting essentials in one set makes the process of daunting and creative screenwriting a joyful process.

There is a critical shortage of good content in the market; going through the recent trends of movies failing massively at the box office, it can be attributed to changing viewing trends or the new emerging OTT space biting into the theater market.

Yet the dialogue around creating an ecosystem to nurture and curate storylines for feature films or shows is non-existent. Given the wide gap between talent, screenwriting literacy, and industry connections, it’s a daunting task. To solve this problem, Ajastos has designed a unique phygital solution that will help anyone with an idea and a passion to write a story for the screen.

“We believe that everyone is a storyteller, you can hone your storytelling skills, and we’ve created a unique writing experience where you don’t have to get bogged down in the complexity of most scenarisation apps. In today’s digital age, like artificial intelligence and the metaverse, the importance of technology that connects the digital and physical worlds is emerging.

We have created a unique phygital product that combines real-world writing with digital, easing the always tedious screenwriting process. We hope to bring forth more young screenwriters from the remotest parts of the country who can write refreshing stories from our social fabric or dazzle us with the magical worlds in their minds from paper to screen.

We cater to all pockets. We will launch Basic Economy, Advanced and Pro Erasable versions; the main difference is the ease with which one can digitize their handwriting. With a budget version, you will have to use your mobile to click on the images with our application, and it will process the data written in digitally formatted text.

At the same time, the advanced version comes with a smart digital pen that does the job. Finally, the most interesting version is the Advanced Reusable. With it, one can write with the smart digital pen which uses erasable ink on N-coded stone paper,” said Ananya Akula (Director – of AJASTOS).

The company is gearing up for a commercial launch around the beginning of March 2023. We will soon be opening invite-only “early access” to interested screenwriting professionals or aspirants.

We may be interested in look for an invite.

Screenwriters Wanted!

Or people willing to volunteer their time to answer a few surveys that help us build a seamless Imaginarium for writers. In return, they will receive free early access to beta versions.

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About Ajastos
Meaning: AJA-Brahma, STOS-Script on screen. The imagination of a creator

Founded in 2019, Ajastos is a Web 3.0 company for the film production industry with an end-to-end product suite that allows filmmakers to professionally create their cinema from scratch and have a platform for the distribute. Every step of the way, every step of the way, we have ideal software for imagining and executing creativity in the easiest way.

Ajastos is on a mission to create an enabling ecosystem that empowers creators and unites the world through storytelling. we create the simplest yet most powerful screenwriting software the world has ever seen. We believe that delivering the stories of the world through screenwriting will facilitate the most diverse and compelling stream of film and television ever imagined.

AJASTOS is recognized by StartUp India, an Indian government initiative.

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