The writers of No Way Home had to avoid the “Lazy Fan Service”

The recently released Spider-Man: No Path Home offers a ton of flashbacks and tributes to the past Spider Man movie theater. According to the film’s writers, finding the balance between serving the fans and adding too much.

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Writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers recently chatted with DiscussingFilm about their work on the hit movie and were asked how they decided what lines and callbacks from the past Spider Man the films would be included in No way home. Sommers noted that there is a balancing act that needs to take place when adding fan service.

“I mean, it’s a balancing act because we love those previous films, the Sam Raimi and Marc Webb movies, and we want to honor them and make the fans happy,” Sommers said. “But you don’t want to just do lazy fan service for its own good, because it will ring wrong at some point. It’s a balancing act and every moment, again, you have to think about the story. So if you really want to hear this villain say the line he said in that other movie, you can’t let that push you to find a moment for it. If you’re just going to get that and spend all that time, you’ll end up writing a scene that maybe doesn’t even need to be in the movie.

“You just have to stay focused on telling the Peter Parker’s story, and then hope you find opportunities there for those moments. We were working with a lot of smart and talented people, and we were looking at those moments over and over again, creating things and trying to find those moments where we could include that stuff in a way that felt organic. We weren’t just doing it for its own good.

Luckily for the duo, it seems fans universally loved the film and its many nods to the past seven. Spider Man movie theater. With No way home performing ridiculously well at the box office, it only reinforces the idea that fans like a little nostalgia every now and then.

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Spider-Man: No Path Home saw the return of Tom Holland as the beloved titular wall-crawler, who was joined by Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. The trio also featured the return of Spider-Man veterans JK Simmons (Sam Raimi’s Spider Man trilogy) like J. Jonah Jameson, Alfred Molina (Spider-man 2) as Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe (Sam Raimi’s Spider Man trilogy) like the Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx (The Incredible Spider-Man 2) like Electro, Thomas Haden Church (Spider-man 3) like Sandman, and Rhys Ifans (The Amazing Spider-Man) like Lizard.