‘Uncertain’ Writer Mike Gauyo Opens Submissions for LGBTQ Screenwriter Mentorship Program

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“Uncertain” writer Mike Gauyo is looking to get more applications from aspiring LGBTQ screenwriters to join his mentorship program.

Black Boy Writes & Black Girl Writes Mentoring Initiative was launched in early 2021 and focuses on developing the talents of screenwriters of color. The groundbreaking initiative, along with the industry-leading Stage 32 training platform, will reopen admissions for the Class of 2023 beginning November 18, 2022 and accepting applications for one month and ending December 18, 2022.

Mike is no stranger to stepping into a space and claiming a space for himself and his work. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Mike Gauyo told us that coming from an immigrant family had a huge impact on his career. He was taught early on to strive for what some might consider “traditional” career paths like medicine, law or engineering.

In a previous interview with Gaye MagazineGauyo mentions that writing has always been a hobby of his, but he hasn’t seen enough people who mirrored his own story represented along that path.

Mike Gauyo’s rise to becoming a writer for the award-winning “Insecure” series, and creating his own “Send Help” series, has been a path that has required consistency and perseverance, as he emphasizes that “building a tribe ” is essential.

Mike said that when he first got into television he went “completely blind”. However, he acknowledges that people of color generally have to work harder than other groups of people in particular spaces to grow. He expresses that this disparity in the film industry is one of the main factors behind the creation and launch of his mentorship program.

Some features that program mentees can look forward to include monthly writers’ roundtables. Mentees will also participate in workshops and additional writing sessions aimed at preparing mentees for scholarships, generals, and endowment. They will also have the opportunity to participate in meetings with various networks and production companies. At the end of the program, mentees will have the opportunity to meet with Mike Gauyo’s agents for consideration of representation.

Former participants include Gauyo’s “Insecure” alum Amy Aniobi and Kemp Powers, who wrote for “Soul” and “One Night in Miami.” Nick Jr. and OutTV are just two of the alumni of the Black Boy Writes & Black Girl Writes mentoring initiative network.

Gauyo believes his goal has always been to help others and help them rise to the same level as him or even higher than where he is. He also tells us that creating helpful content is just as important as helping others.

“With the Black Boy Writes & Black Girl Writes mentorship initiative, I aim to create a pathway for promising black writers to succeed by giving them access to education and industry professionals. I am grateful to be associated with such an innovative platform as Stage 32 and the leaders in scripting software Final Draft, both of which are committed to serving underrepresented creatives everywhere.

For our Gaye family who may be interested in submitting an application for the Black Boy Writes & Black Girl Writes Mentorship Initiative, the requirements are as follows:

To participate in the competition, you must complete EVERYTHING of the following:

1. Download That is an hour or half hour pilot (of any genre). Only one (1) entry will be accepted per contestant.

2. Submit a biography and answer the required essay question. All candidates to have to submit a biography and answer the essay question to be considered.

Essay question: How does who you are inform what you write, and if so, what impact do you see yourself having in this industry? (Please limit your answer to 500 words or less in order to be considered.)

Nominations should be submitted through the Stage 32 platform. We are pleased to recognize Mike Gauyo for the work he does to create inclusive spaces not only for black writers, but also for queer black writers.

Click on here to submit your application.