Writers’ Tears to Release Special Centenary Edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses

The Writers’ Tears range is inspired by the great names in literature that defined Irish culture in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Walsh Whiskey is releasing a limited-edition collector’s bottling of its premium Writers’ Tears – Copper Pot expression to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 1922 publication of James Joyce’s great novel Ulysses. The bottling design features a well-known location and chapter from the book.

Writers’ Tears will undertake a year-long program of in-person and online events where Irish whiskey customers can join others in celebrating and getting a glimpse of what many consider to be the greatest novel in the world. 20and century.

Walsh Whiskey co-founder Bernard Walsh at home with a treasured first edition copy of Ulysses

The first event of the “Writers’ Tears Ulysses” centenary program will take place on Wednesday, February 2, the anniversary of the first publication of Ulysses. There will be a free reading live on Facebook at 7pm (Irish time) of the first edition of Ulysses from Writers’ Tears at Sweny’s Pharmacy, Lincoln Place in Dublin (Sweny’s Pharmacy, Lincoln Place, Dublin | Facebook).

After the author’s own visit to the pharmacy in 1904, Sweny features prominently in episode five of Ulysses, titled “The Lotus Eaters”. The first edition copy for use in Sweny’s celebratory reading is #1,479 of 2,000 published in 1922 by Egoist Press. This is the personal copy of Writers’ Tears creator and Walsh Whiskey co-founder Bernard Walsh.

Jousting with Joyce: Bernard Walsh pays a visit to the Sweny pharmacy, which appears in the work

Walsh said, “Ulysses is a global treasure, not just a national one, and we invite everyone to explore and enjoy it, page by page, with us. You don’t have to read it all, much less understand it, but as you engage with it in different ways, it will open up and reveal itself to you – just like a fine whisky.

The Writers’ Tears Ulysses Centennial Program includes:

  • The release of a special, limited edition collector’s bottling of Writers’ Tears – Copper Pot.
  • Viewings and readings of a first edition copy of Ulysses (#1,479 of 2,000 published in 1922 by Egoist Press) throughout the year.
  • Live and online events in association with Sweny’s Pharmacy of Lincoln Place, Dublin. Writers’ Tears has been supporting Sweny’s and its program celebrating the great names in Irish literature since 2019.
  • Writers’ Tears is backing a short film and pilot for a series called Remarkable Women: The Tale Behind Ulysses about the six women who backed James Joyce so he could write and publish Ulysses.
  • Writers’ Tears is supporting the international release of a hybrid documentary, also about the women behind the publication of Joyce’s masterpiece, produced in the United States and titled ‘Left Bank: The Film’.
  • Support for Bloomsday 2022 centenary celebrations in Ireland, France and the United States.
  • Support for the Borris House Festival of Writing & Ideas, 2022.
  • Contests associated with the centenary of Odysseus via Writers’ Tears’ online channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and walshwhiskey.com

First created by Bernard Walsh in 2009, Writers’ Tears includes a range of eight expressions of triple distilled super premium Irish whiskeys, inspired by the great names in literature who defined Irish culture in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The range includes four cores (Copper Pot, Double Oak, Single Pot Still & Red Head) and four limited edition expressions. Three of the range’s limited-edition expressions belong to the Writers’ Tears Copper Pot range and feature rare cask finishes: Ice Wine, Marsala and Mizunara. The fourth limited-edition expression is a Cask Strength cuvée, produced annually.

Arise Freeman from Sweny’s

Not only will I enjoy a tall glass of whiskey with a businessman and from Ireland, but I will be able to read the words of one of the greatest writers to have lived on this planet. And become a Sweny Freeman.

I can tell you that when I read Bernard’s note, with just a subtle change of apostrophe, it produced a different mix of Writer’s Tears.

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